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The guest of Russell Brand seems to make the connection between the sacred which must be eternal, and attempts by political ideology that attempts to own the same. read more


Some people have noticed a use of the public educational system in a common-core style that is used to produce enthusiastic consumers and compliant workers for our capitalistic system. An educational system dedicated to producing self-reliant, informed, and active citizens capable of self governing would be better suited to our democratic (small d) Constitutional republic. Aside from civic issues surrounding this modern type of education is the effect on families.  Something has changed dramatically over decades that is manifesting uncomfortably today.  A local system very recently seems to consider a new normal of inviting parents back into the educational system.  Since law enforcement stationed in schools doesn’t seem to work, parents may be the last resort. read more


Over the last several decades, and on the wave of Citizens United tyranny and greed, many politicians in the US Capitalist Party (Democratic/Republican duopoly) have passed laws that support trade agreements that are good for hierarchical commercial interests but not for We The People.  American jobs were sent overseas and products required by the US public are controlled by foreign interests.  One doesn’t understand the reason this isn’t the “government run like a business” that on a continuum becomes organized crime.
In desperation to cover their tracks, politicians have exchanged policy for racism and sexism in campaigns in order to control a deluded electorate.  Local small business is replaced by national chain retailers that retain workers at poverty wages.  Said poverty wages qualifies workers for government aid when it should be the responsibility of the employer to pay living wages and provide benefits to workers.  The shift of cost from the employer to the public seems fraudulent.  The poverty wages cuts down on income taxes and social security payments from workers’ paychecks that should support the government that is drained of resources in order to transfer the wealth of the nation from the 100% to the 1%.
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Capitalistic PR indoctrinates into prioritizing material possession as the height of human achievement.  That this possession comes with a contrasting decrease in principles of fairness and justice isn’t questioned.  A system of education that would be better used to teach self-reliance, autonomy, and ability to self-govern is instead used to train into compliance to hierarchical demands and consumerism.  We could explore the possibilities of a human life other than as a component in an economy that so dramatically buoys interests of hierarchy at the expense of everyone else.  Put plainly, what’s in it for everyone else? read more


MSM have divided into right wing and left wing, presentations that have captured and isolated large portions of the public.  This coincides with the same surgical separation by the 2 branches of the Democratic/Republican duopoly that would most properly identify as the American Capitalist Party.  And then MSM refers to each group in language that refers to strange identification with sports teams that are nothing short of embarrassing.  And so indoctrination is inflicted painlessly.  In contrast, in the Former USSR, violence was used….how barbaric.  It’s good to be exceptional, but possibly not quite as awakened. read more


Capitalistic hierarchical Establishment in collaboration with state-run-corporate-owned MSM own the conversation that promotes running governments like a business that on a continuum is organized crime.  This isn’t healthy for people or environment.  Climate Change is a glaring evidence of the result. read more


People can take them back.
In the beginning was the word, feels like the introduction of hierarchy to challenge human rights.  Words are fascinating, can be delivered in tones that block out truth and FACTS, and surely shouldn’t be taken for granted.  With what are children left as nature words are censored?  With what are all of us left?
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Bernie Sanders made a noble attempt to break through a wall of Democratic/Republican rhetoric.  In FACT, he succeeded.  Some of the American public are tentatively considering democracy.  Sshhh….don’t let Establishment know.  Not yet….. read more